Breaking The Glass Ceiling: The Path To Immersive Displays

J.C. Kuang, Analyst Devices & Technology, Insight Articles

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Since the first cathode ray tube screens came to market in the 1930s, massive advancements have been made in display technology. Today, component providers make strides towards fully immersive displays using a variety of exciting technologies. Plasma screens, in-plane switching, and quantum dots have each made their mark in the field.

While it is still relatively nascent within consumer electronics, XR has become a significant driver of small, high resolution screens. Traditional smartphone form factors have also influenced the design of so-called near-eye displays (NEDs).  Factors such as resolution, pixel density, and field-of-view all contribute to a quality NED. Specifically, the ideal display component would deliver a truly immersive experience for a user.

However, more head-mounted displays continue to populate the market every day, and provide both consumer and enterprise users with an increasing burden of choice. It can be difficult to see a clear and direct path to cost-effective, usable immersive displays.

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