Greenlight VR to “Get Real” at Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Friday, April 22, 2016 – Clifton Dawson, Founder of Greenlight VR, the leader in business intelligence for the global Virtual RealitiesTM economy, will give a special presentation at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Expo, held at the San Jose Convention Center on April 27-29.

Clifton’s session is titled, “Forecasting Growth: What Your Excel Model Won’t Tell You” Through offering "real talk" and pulling back the curtain on Greenlight VR's own models for forecasting industry growth, Clifton will share strategies for success in the near-term, ranging from consumer audience learnings to business strategy. Earlier this month, Steve Marshall, Senior Vice President of Greenlight VR, gave a similar themed talk at the MIT Sloan School of Management. (Read Marshall Gets Real About Industry Growth at MIT).

Other notable speakers at SVVR include:

  • Eric Romo, CEO, Altspace;
  • David Holz, CTO, Leap Motion;
  • Ebbe Altberg, CEO, Linden Labs;
  • Philip Rosedale, CEO, High Fidelity; and
  • Nancy Bennett, Chief Content Officer, Two Bit Circus.


Clifton’s talk will also share highlights from the firm’s highly anticipated 2016 Virtual Reality Industry Report, written in collaboration with RoadToVR.

“Imbued with Road to VR’s industry observations and Greenlight VR’s data-driven approach, our research is a distillation of years of experience, research, and analysis into a foundation of the virtual reality landscape, with the goal of informing forward-looking strategies,” says Ben Lang, Editor-in-Chief of RoadToVR. Clifton adds, “Our goal has always been to represent an independent, expert perspective and an accurate account of how the market will grow, not only in scale, but crucially, in time as well.”


About Greenlight VR

Greenlight VR is the industry leader in business intelligence for the virtual and augmented reality (“Virtual RealitiesTM”) global market. By maintaining the most comprehensive dataset of information on companies and consumer behavior, Greenlight VR provides global technology companies, Fortune 500 brands, and innovative startups proprietary research and advice to make better strategic decisions. Visit for more information.


About the 2016 Virtual Reality Industry Report

The 2016 VR Industry Report is a 90-page report includes industry analysis, mergers & acquisitions, sales forecasts, and special topics to guide your forward-looking strategies. Visit for more information.



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