Greenlight Insights Launches VR/AR Industry Research Center as the Impact of Coronavirus Grows

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VR/AR Coronavirus Resource Center
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San Francisco, March 2, 2020 -  The coronavirus has become an epidemic as it is a source of concern for countries all over the world. The impacts to the global economy have become substantial and are changing the way companies are going about their daily operations. With companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Sony announcing changes to their business activities, the potential impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the virtual reality & augmented reality technology and application market is expected to be large.

To support strategic planning professionals in their efforts to better understand the impact associated with the novel COVID-19 coronavirus, Greenlight Insights has assembled an array of resources in the new VR/AR Coronavirus Research Center

The analysts at Greenlight Insights have created a research center of valuable resources to help our clients quickly access the most up to date research and news regarding the effects of the virus. 

The Research Center includes proprietary insights and analysis, including:

  • The latest coronavirus update
  • Local production shutdowns in China
  • Updated market forecasts and data

“The goal of this research center is to make critical updates and research easily accessible for people within the virtual and augmented reality industries,” said Clifton Dawson, CEO of Greenlight Insights, “The coronavirus is impacting this industry in a huge way and we need to stay on top of the updates.”

"The coronavirus outbreak is a rapidly evolving situation and one that has a significant human and economic impact," said Chui Yin Chau, an analyst at Greenlight Insights. "Understanding how any production shutdowns affect the supply chain, and how that, in turn, flows upstream into the ODM and OEM environments, will be a leading indicator of broader VR/AR market performance during 2020."

Greenlight Insights analysts have been in constant discussion with manufacturers, the supply chain, and stakeholders across the XR industry on the developments and impact of the coronavirus. We will continue to update this research center with additional coronavirus impact analysis and information as they become available.

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