Greenlight VR To Speak At Student-Led VR Conference

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When Greenlight VR started in 2014 with goal of providing data & insights to the emerging virtual reality industry, we recognized immediately the importance of engaging with students - leaders of most new mediums. Overtime, we've offered our reports in university libraries, helped with presentations, and even become unabashed cheerleaders of young industry leaders. But of course, our favorite way to engage is to speak directly with and to students, which we'll do at the upcoming E2 Conference at the University of Southern California.

Each year, the USC Marshall School of Business produces the E2 Conference to bring together students and media industry professionals to address the most relevant issues facing the industry. This year, the student-run conference will focus on virtual reality, highlighting new innovations and addressing the practical business applications of VR in studio entertainment.

The event will feature speakers such as Neville Spiteri, co-founder and CEO of WEVR; Todd Richmond, director of advanced prototype development for ICT; ILMxLAB exec Vicki Beck; Bryn Mooser, co-founder and CEO of RYOT; the “godmother of VR” Nonny de la Pena; Ted Schilowitz, chief creative officer at Barco; and Clifton Dawson, founder and CEO of Greenlight VR.

Topics Clifton will address include: 

  • How fast should we expect the industry to grow in the near-term?
  • What are challenges to sustained growth?
  • What revenue and pricing models are currently being experimented with?
  • Which business metrics should industry executives focus?


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